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We understand the meaning of luxury is different for each person and we embrace that. At A to B Travels we are passionate about catering to your needs and taking care of all the details. Our purpose is to ensure you have a unique experience each trip you plan with us. If you are looking to establish a relationship with trustworthy travel consultant professionals, we would be happy to set up a consultation.

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2023 Featured  Trip


Day 1: Lima, Peru

Day 2: Lima/Cusco, Peru

Day 3: Cusco/Machu Picchu/Cusco

Day 4: Cusco, Peru / Quito, Ecuador

Day 5: Quito, Ecuador

Day 6: Galápagos, Ecuador

Day 7: San Cristóbal Island

Day 8: Santa Fe Island & South Plaza Island

Day 9: Santa Cruz Island

Day 10: Española Island

Day 11: Santa Cruz Island & North Seymour

Day 12: Baltra Island/Guayaquil, Ecuador


12 day – South America Expedition Cruise – Machu Picchu & The Galapagos

Sailing Date: April 9th – April 20th, 2023

Expedition Ship:  MS Santa Cruz II 

Book By November 30th, 2023, for Black Friday savings of 50%

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See the source image