10 Best Wellness Retreat Locations Across The US

Everyone deserves a break from their routine life and wellness retreats are one of the best ways to break this monotony. Wellness retreats can be an affordable way to blow some steam off. The US has some great spas and wellness retreats spread across the country. For the next time you feel like relaxing, here is a list of the 10 best wellness retreats across the US.

1.   Mayflower Inn & Spa – Washington, Connecticut

If you are looking for a holistic spa experience, then the Mayflower Inn & Spa in Washington, Connecticut is the spot. Its partnership with NYC-based wellness brand ​THE WELL has opened many options for the customers like forest bathing, ​dharma talks​, ​chef series, and ​gong baths.

2.   The Lake House on Canandaigua – Finger Lakes, New York

Wellness activities along with beautiful scenery is the epitome of relaxation. If you are craving for such an experience, then the Lake House on Canandaigua in Finger Lakes, New York is the perfect place. Along with the waterfall, wineries, and landscape, you also get to participate in activities like guided meditations and candlelight yoga classes.

3.   Sensei Lanai, A Four Seasons Resort

This resort is a unique wellness retreat location established in the Hawaiian island of Lanai. In case you are looking for a long break, the resort has recently introduced a 30-day program called Sensei Sabbatical. The program offers some exclusive benefits a weekly credit of $1,500, one-on-one fitness sessions, etc.

4.   Amangiri in Canyon Point, Utah

Unlike other resorts, this wellness retreat specifically focuses on the development of body, mind, and soul. Programs like the Silent Retreat, Restorative Sleep Retreat will help you in attaining calmness and peace of mind.

5.   The Reeds at Shelter Haven – Stone Harbor, New Jersey

This spa center is not the most popular one in New Jersey as people have overlooked it for the more popular spa centers. However, The Reeds at Shelter Haven in Stone Harbor have managed to carve out an audience with their exquisite service. If you are in New Jersey, don’t give it a miss.

6.   Park Hyatt Aviara – San Diego, California

The already popular luxury resort in San Diego recently underwent a renovation to include many new wellness activities.  Park Hyatt Aviara is known for its fitness as well as weight loss programs. If you are looking for some behavior and lifestyle changes, then this resort is the perfect starting point.

7.   Sweetgrass Inn – Hilton Head, South Carolina

Hilton Head Health is one of the most popular health and weight loss destinations in South Carolina. It has now started the Sweetgrass Inn which will not only focus on physical fitness but will also help in mental fitness through daily meditation, healthy cooking demonstrations, beach yoga, etc.

8.   Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa – San Diego, California

Rancho Valencia is widely popular in California for its wellness program called the Wellness Collective that allows members and guests to make a considerable shift in their physical fitness and mental wellness. The program is highly customizable to cater to the needs of a wider audience.

9.   Rush Creek Lodge – Yosemite, California

Rush Creek Lodge takes its inspiration from the well-known Yosemite National Park. It offers some unique features like cool mist showers, aromatherapy steam room, waterfall coves, etc. Moreover, the price of the programs in the retreat center is also reasonable compared to its competitors.

10. L’Auberge de Sedona – Sedona, Arizona

L’Auberge de Sedona offers a wide range of mindful and restorative-centric retreats which will give you the much-needed break you were looking for. The retreats not only provide rest to its customers but also aims to bring lasting impact on the overall health and wellbeing of the guests.


Five Pillars of Holistic Health

In today’s dynamic and fast-moving world, physical fitness is not enough to work effectively and efficiently. An individual needs to look at their health from a 360-degree perspective. This is where holistic health comes into play. Holistic health or wellness refers to a multi-dimensional lifestyle that helps in the healing of not just your body, but also your mind and spirit. Holistic wellness branches out into five pillars and every pillar brings some sort of healing to your overall health. 

Physical Wellness

Keeping yourself physically fit is the best way to start your journey towards holistic wellness. Bring some easy adjustments in your life like sleeping for 6-8 hours, eating a nutrient-dense diet, etc. Even if you are loaded with work in your desk job, make sure to exercise every day. Smoking and alcohol are the biggest hindrances to achieving physical wellness, cutting them out will go a long way in maintaining physical fitness.

Mental/ Emotional Wellness

The talk around mental health has certainly gone up in the past few years but people often overlook mental wellness and prioritize physical wellness over it. However, if your mental health is not optimal, it might even affect your physical fitness. Even your mind needs a safe space and you can get that space through therapy. Due to the pandemic, you can even receive therapy from the comfort of your home. Therapy is not an expense but is an investment you make for your mental health. 

Social Wellness

Individual’s social wellness has taken a hit since the pandemic began. While chatting and video calls have helped in some way, meeting your friends in person every once in a while, is probably the best way to keep your social health in check. Introverts have a hard time interacting with others. However, social wellness does not mean going out of your way to talk to people. It simply means remaining connected to those people who are more than just acquaintances to you. 

Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual wellness does not necessarily mean religious wellness. You can attain spiritual wellness even if you are not a religious person. If you don’t know where to start, then meditation is a great way to move forward. Meditation has the power to connect you with your inner self and it can help you in maintaining your spiritual wellness. 

Intellectual Wellness

Every individual has some creative skills and intellectual wellness is all about gaining knowledge to expand those skills. The onset of smartphones and gadgets has affected the intellectual wellness of individuals. Create a reading habit even if it means reading novels and non-fiction on digital devices such as a tablet or Kindle. 


Most people associate health with the absence of disease or illness. However, that is certainly not the case as you are more than just your flesh. Your mind and intellect also need constant care to remain at the top of their game. Going for a holistic lifestyle will not only keep you physically fit but will also rejuvenate your mind and soul. Taking a vacation or attending a Wellness Retreat is a great way to focus on your personal wellness.